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Eckhardt Fuchs / Rebekka Horlacher / Daniel Tröhler / Jürgen Oelkers (Hrsg.)

IJHE Bildungsgeschichte

International Journal for the Historiography of Education 2-2020

Aus dem Inhalt

Beiträge (Mette Buchardt, Guest editor)
– Social histories of Bildung between universal and national ambitions and global emergences
– Schleiermacher's educational theory as a social concept of Bildung
– The alleged universality of Bildung
– A brief history of a hidden national grammar
– The German concept of Bildung in Imperial Japan. Reception through the prism of the Kyoto School
– Between dannelse and ?real life?. National Cultural Christianity in a Nordic Cold War education reform process

– Cultural history of education: Why and how?
Kulturgeschichte der Erziehung und Bildung: Warum und wie?

– David F. Labaree: What we missed when schools closed

Vorschau auf 1-2021
„The discussion attempts to answer the following question: what does the global excitement in educational research regarding the Corona crisis tell us about our particular discipline and the ways in which thinking, research and communication are practiced? What is our own historical and epistemological selfunderstanding, which has seduced or even forced us to make strange commitments to areas in which we probably have no place and certainly no expertise and no reason to cooperate with?“ (The editors)
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